What to expect
A consultation involves you describing your symptoms in your own way, and answering questions to establish a good picture of you and how you function. Questions may relate to lifestyle, temperament, likes and dislikes, family and personal medical history as well as current symptoms. The homeopath uses all of this information to match the patient to a remedy 
Gaining an understanding of you and your condition takes time so the initial consultation lasts for an hour and a half. Subsequent consultations are half an hour to forty five minutes and are about four weeks after the initial treatment. Generally speaking, the initial consultation may be followed by one or two follow-ups and maybe some telephone support in between. After this I should have a good understanding of how you respond to illness which makes visits at a later date more straightforward. 

Homeopathy is a highly individualised form of medicine that addresses the scientifically acknowledged link between our physical and emotional levels. Homeopathy places emphasis on the individuals own unique experience of their symptoms. There is not simply one remedy for a particular illness, but rather one remedy, out of a whole range, which is carefully selected on the basis of each patient’s own variation of that condition. In building up a relationship with a homeopath you have a practitioner who knows you uniquely; how you respond to life’s stresses strains and illnesses, and therefore how best to treat them using non-invasive medicines, free of side effects.


Homeopathy For Hay Fever

If you are seeking relief from hay fever then homeopathy is a great place to start. The relentless blocked nose, sneezing, sore and itchy eyes and many other allergic symptoms can accompany the body's response to various pollens, grasses and even moulds.


Homeopathy is ideal for people who are seeking an alternative to antihistamines and their side effects. Usually the patient benefits from treatment with a 'constitutional' remedy which brings the body back into balance and strengthens the system so that it can cope better with the hay fever. If this is given at the beginning of the hay fever season it may reduce the symptoms significantly. In addition we prescribe remedies for your particular type of hay fever, as the type and severity of symptoms vary from person to person.

There are research trials which show that homeopathic treatment can produce a significant improvement in hay fever symptoms. A few are cited below. 


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1st app.

Adults 90 mins £70


Adults 60 mins £45

1st app

Children 60 mins £55

Follow Up

Children 45 mins £35

Professional Profile
Sue has been in full time Homeopathic practice for ten years, working with a wide range of conditions, both physical illness and emotional issues. A mother herself, Sue enjoys working with children and their parents in working towards finding a better level of health.


Her background in Psychology (BSc) and Clinical Neuroscience (MSc) means that she has an understanding and experience of psychological issues such as depression, anxiety,  addictions and grief. She is also experienced in treating menstrual and menopausal issues, allergies (her dissertation was on the treatment of hayfever in homeopathy), unresolved coughs, digestive disturbances, arthritic complaints, and complaints that conventional medicine has been unable to resolve.


Once registered as a patient, Sue offers advice and treatment on acute illnesses as they occur. She maintains good contact with patients in between appointments. 

‘Our family have been visiting Sue since we moved to the area in 2011. Sue has an ability to obtain a clear picture of each one of us and her prescribing has been spot on. She has helped us through acute  illnesses as well as supporting our general well being to improve our quality of life. Sue has a wonderful rapport with my young children and they are always willing to talk with her. She is extremely genuine and caring. I am so grateful for the positive effect she continues to make in our lives, Thank you!' VC.


Sue treated me for monopause symptoms, hot flushes and disturbed sleep. The treatment was really effective and i have almost no hot flushes and have been sleeping untroubled through the night. Really grateful and Sue's help has made a huge difference. KB.


Thank  you for the remedy. I feel it has been working on a deeper subtle level. An inner seeing. I have had the feeling of a melting inside and great sense of peace and rightness. I experienced this before with your perception and treatment so thank you very much. MC.


Sue studied at the London School of Homeopathy and The British School of Homeopathy  and then obtained a post graduate qualification from the Dynamis School of Homeopathic Studies. She also works as a supervisor of student Homeopaths.

Current memberships
Sue is a registered member of the Alliance of Homeopaths.



Personal Profile
I discovered homeopathy as a first-time mother of a very colicky baby. Unable to find her any relief I saw a homeopath and was immediately impressed and fascinated when she asked me not only about the symptoms of the colic, but how my baby responded to the pain, what made it better or worse, what sort of baby she was and also questions about the birth. The consultation went beyond the obvious physical symptoms and looked at the whole. After using homeopathy with very pleasing results with my family and pets for some years I decided to formally train. I continue to be amazed at the scope of this medicine, from the smallest acute to chronic illness.