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Availability for treatments

Mondays and Wednesdays 11am - 5pm and Thursday afternoons.



Energy clearing to restore vital qi


Self healing by spontaneous movement


Poh-eng san Poh-Eng has over 20 years experience in Buqi Healing and teaching taijiwuxigong. She was trained by its founder, Dr. Shen Hongxun with whom she studied Taiji 37, taijiwuxigong, meditation techniques, and buqi.


Poh-Eng teaches a Parkinson’s Group in Bristol.


Buqi diploma 1998 and validated as a teacher by Dr. Shen Hongxun and the Buqi Institute since 1998 Teaching regular classes for over 15 years in Stroud. Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner with Eliot Cowan - Huichol Shaman Diploma in 2004 Shamanic Training with Alison Gamblin,

Integrative movement medicine enquiry:

Poh-Eng has trained intensively for 2 years with Helen Poynor’s Walk of Life Continuation programme in environmental non-stylised movement 2015 Training with Helen since 1993!


Poh-Eng has taught 5 day retreats in Pembrokeshire for many years combining Taiji Wuxigong, with non-stylised movement in the land, reconnecting students to earth’s wisdom and their unique connection to the elemental world.


Poh-Eng has taught regular classes for over 15 years in Stroud.

For Further Enquiries : Please call my land line: 01453 297847 Mobile: 07951322632 E.mail: pohengtao@gmail.com: Monday, Saturday at Cotswold Health Clinic 01453 767600 info@chchealth.co.uk