All Programmes include:

· Face-to-face meetings with me

· Unlimited email communication

· My written summary of each consultation

· 2 or more ‘laser calls’ of up to 10 minutes each

· Free mentoring in a range of personal development techniques as     required e.g. meditation, mindfulness, confidence boosters etc.

· Free guides, handouts, materials etc.

  Please see for more details.


Introductory Session (up to 30 minutes) – FREE, usually by telephone

A one-off 1-hour consultation = £75

However one session is unlikely to suffice, so usually the most cost-effective arrangement is via a planned series of consultations (a Programme). Consultations can occur weekly, bimonthly or monthly by arrangement. We’ll agree the details before the Programme starts.

Typical examples:

Programme of 3 consultations = £200

Programme of 6 consultations = £360

Programme of 12 consultations = £600

Instalment plans available if preferred.

Derek Hassack PCC, ABNLP

Post-Relationship Coaching, Mentoring and Mediation

Separation is life-changing event. It doesn’t have to be a life-damaging one.

The Work

I help you deal effectively with the emotional, psychological and practical fall-out arising from separation and divorce,

providing you with the techniques, insights and support you need as you build a more satisfying and purposeful life. My skillset, training and life-experience all combine to create a unique and holistic therapeutic experience for dealing with any and all of the various challenges thrown up by separation and divorce.

For example, I help you resolve or improve:

• Negative emotions

• Low confidence

• Trust issues

• Establishing boundaries

• Communications with your ex

• Parenting issues

• Career shifts

• Clarity around important decisions

• Self- esteem

• Renewed purpose

• Practical challenges

• Finding love again

• Building a satisfying life

• Start-ups

The end of a marriage is a perfect time to re-shape your life into something that truly satisfies. By resolving the negativity and challenges you may experience through separation, you’ll put yourself in the perfect position to start to live more authentically and powerfully. I am an experienced, professional ally for you, as you make that special journey from break-up to a life lived on-purpose.