Practitioner Offering Systematic Kinesiology

  Jilly Newham 

Systematic Kinesiology 


What it is - Systematic Kinesiology is a natural health modality used to identify imbalances within the body. It is a non-invasive and sound methodology using muscle testing.

The need to rebalance - the body attempts to maintain a constant internal environment (homeostasis) but the process can be overwhelmed by physical, environmental, nutritional or emotional stresses giving rise to imbalances that can develop into injury or disease if not corrected.


How it works - Muscle testing can access information from the body's bio-energy system and meridians. It is used to identify the priority area of the energy system to be helped and to evaluate the energy changes brought about by a variety of corrections, including bio-individual nutrition, firm reflex massage, energy techniques and emotional work if required.


The aim - is not just relief of symptoms but optimal health and wellbeing.


Systematic Kinesiology is best known for - identifying food and environmental sensitivities/allergies. It will also benefit digestive problems, emotional issues, the nervous system, sleep problems, the endocrine system, pain, structural issues, weight management and more.

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