Professional Reflexology Training, Maitri Foundation, Whiteway, Gloucestershire as part of Association of Physical and Natural Therapists 10+6 months, qualified in May 2009 Shiatsu Foundation Course, Shiatsu4Health, Stroud 2011 Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Miriam Luckhurst, USUI/Tibetian Reiki Master and Shiatsu practitioner, Stroud 2011 Mindful Reflexology ~ Supporting Stress, Anxiety and Depression with Sally Earlam, London 2017 Reflexology Supporting Conception with Sally Earlam, London 2017 Acupressure Facial Therapy with Heidi Armstrong, Bath 2019


Current memberships


Association of Natural and Physical Therapists (APNT) British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA)


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What to expect


Most people find Reflexology an extremely relaxing and pleasant experience. Some go to sleep, others find they gain spontaneous insight (or images) relevant to their lives and health. Quite often people experience sensations of warmth or tingling in their bodies, usually in places related to the reflexes I am working on.

The first session (1.5 hour) includes an initial consultation (approx. 20 min), where I will ask you about your health and general well-being and your intentions for the session. The time at the end of the session is dedicated to the feedback and after-care advice (approx. 10 min). The 1 hour follow-up sessions consist of 5-10 min at the start to check in and reflect on your healing process, about 45 min of Reflexology, and a few minutes at the end for the feedback. I offer an optional 1.5 hour follow-up session that includes head & face and /or hand Reflexology to compliment the work on your feet.


Reflexology appointments 1st appointment Adults 90 mins £55 Follow-up appointment Adults 60 mins £45

Optional follow-up appointment (includes head & face and/or hand Reflexology as well as foot Reflexology) please see for details below


90 mins £60


If 3 appointment are booked in advance within 3 months there is reduction of £5 each. Excludes other Special Offers


Optional Reflexology treatments including face, head, neck and shoulders


The treatments involving face, head, neck and shoulders draw on my 10 years experience in Reflexology, Reiki Healing and recent training in Acupressure Facial Therapy. Acupressure Facial Therapy treats the unique structure of the face to support emotional and stress relief. Treatments involve gentle stretches of the neck, massage of the scalp and gentle fascia release on the face. It also works with the Chinese Acupressure facial map to benefit the whole body. Longer treatments including face, head, neck and shoulders In longer treatments in addition to working the face, head, neck and shoulders, I also include full Reflexology treatment of the feet.

105 minutes £75 (new clients, optional treatment, includes initial consultation) 90 minutes £60 (optional follow-up)


120 minutes (optional follow-up) £90

Shorter treatments including face, head, neck and shoulders I also offer 60 minutes optional treatments, where the main focus is on the face, head, neck and shoulders, ending with grounding techniques on the feet (feet can have socks). Treatments involve preparing the skin on the face and having an extremely relaxing treatment in which you will feel pampered and become deeply relaxed. You will feel and look revitalised. This is a gentler treatment good for those with accumulated tensions and problems in the areas of the head, neck and shoulders, and for those with chronic conditions.


Cost: 60 min £45 (new clients, optional treatment and follow-up) For full information please visit

About me

I have been intrigued by the effect of massaging my feet since childhood. I have also always been interested in complementary therapies, healing arts, and a healthy lifestyle, including plenty of movement outside, dance, yoga, meditation and nutrition. I trained as a Holistic Reflexologist with Maitri Foundation in 2008-2009.


Since the Reflexology training, I also completed Reiki Levels 1 and 2 which I use in my sessions and Shiatsu foundation course. I continue to study in order to develop my skills and build on my knowledge. Areas of particular interest to me are the use of Reflexology in supporting stress, anxiety and depression, and in supporting conception. I am very passionate about helping people on their journeys.


About Reflexology


Reflexology is an ancient healing art developed independently in many different cultures. They all work with the same principle that our whole being (body, mind, soul) is reflected in the feet (and hands and head) and can also be influenced through them. Reflexology uses massage and pressure techniques and gentle manipulation of the feet (alternatively hands and head). The unique quality of Reflexology is the nurturing feeling of ‘being held’. Because the feet mirror the whole body, when the practitioner holds the feet, the client often experiences a profound sense of safety and being cared for.


Coming home


The most enjoyable part of my work is helping people to relax deeply and reconnect to their inner centre of calm and strength, then seeing them leaving empowered by the experience. I call this work ‘helping people to come home”. I never stop being fascinated by Reflexology and its profound and often deep-reaching effect when one is open to it! 'That was amazing, I can't remember the last time I was so relaxed, calm, like I was letting go of things...Very powerful!'

C.S. May 2013


'Alena always brings me a greater sense of calmness, relaxation and relief from everyday stress. When her caring hands have worked on my feet, I have a better sense of balance and healing energy flowing throughout my body. I always look forward to the therapeutic effects of her treatment.'


P.R. September 2016


' Thanks to Alena's treatment, not only my health started improving but it also inspired me in becoming a reflexologist myself and acquire this great knowledge of improving people’s lives through reflexology


.' H.R. August 2012

Reflexology supporting conception


Using Reflexology to help people on their conception journey is such a wonderful experience, and I am very honoured to be offering this support. Reflexology for conception aims to be deeply relaxing as well as helping to optimise your health and encourage your well-being. I use Reflexology techniques designed for different phases of the menstrual cycle. | focus on supporting the areas on the feet linked to the reproductive system, as well as stimulating and balancing the reflexes linked to the hormonal sphere. I am very happy to support couples through IVF. As part of the session I also offer general lifestyle advice and basic dietary advice. I have trained with Sally Earlam.

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