Community acupuncture

The aim of Stroud Community Acupuncture is to make acupuncture affordable and accessible to all, no matter what their income, by treating people in a multi-bed environment. Traditionally in the UK, acupuncture is carried out by one practitioner treating one person at a time and charging anywhere from £45 to £60 per treatment. This can exclude a lot of people who can not afford this. At Stroud Community Acupuncture, more than one person can be treated at once. By treating several people together in the same communal space, treatment costs can be significantly reduced , while still being able to maintain the costs of running the clinic. The benefit of having treatment at Stroud Community Acupuncture is that people can afford as much acupuncture as they need to get well and stay well.

What happens during a treatment?

At Stroud Community Acupuncture treatment couches are divided by partitions to preserve your privacy. On your first visit you’ll be asked to fill out a health history questionnaire. The practitioner may ask you for more information regarding some of your answers. You’ll then be shown to a treatment couch where the practitioner will look at your tongue and take your pulse. A diagnosis can then be made and a treatment plan formulated. During the consultation and treatment please remember to talk quietly so as not to disturb other people having treatment.


There is generally no need to undress for treatment, as the most frequently used points are below the knees and elbows. For this reason it is best to wear loose or baggy clothing which can easily be rolled up above the knees and elbows. However, should the need arise to use points above your knees or elbows, or on your back or stomach, blankets are used to keep you warm and covered at all times. Once the needles are inserted it takes about 20-45 minutes for them to work their magic. During this time it’s best to just relax into the treatment as deeply as possible. While you’re relaxing the practitioner is free to start treating someone else, although they will check back on you regularly throughout your treatment, and will be close at hand should you need them.



Please feel free to contact me by phone: 07419 210380, or by email: if you have any questions or would like to discuss: • Acupuncture and how it might help you • Your specific condition/ailment • Being treated in a multi-bed environment • The cost of treatments • Or any other issues