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About Our Practitioners


As a professional therapy centre, the Cotswold Health Centre ensures the highest standards of service and care from our practitioners. We do this by ensuring that our practitioners are properly trained, fully insured to practise and are members of a professional body. The role of the professional body is to support a practitioner’s continued professional development (CPD) and to set the Standards of Practise, and the Code of Ethics for practitioners to follow. Practitioners must gain points, accredited by partaking in CPD courses, in order to remain a member of their association.



What we expect of our practitioners is:


Accountability, respect, confidentiality and integrity as required by our therapists’ adherence to the Code of Ethics of their respective Associations.


The upholding of high professional standards of scholarship and clinical practise, through our therapists’ professional competence.


Inclusivity and diversity, welcoming those of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, genders, abilities, nationalities, races, religions, and sexual orientations.


A systemic and holistic approach that attends to all dimensions of the human condition, including intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational and social well-being.



All our practitioners are passionate about their work and this comes across in their treatment of you, the client. We are a warm friendly team who will always strive to provide the very best care.

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