1st appointment

Adults 90 mins £70

Follow-up app Adults 60 mins £50

Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to feel good again in your body?


When you could bounce around without feeling aches and pains, tightness and tension?

Well it is possible you know.


I can help you get the most out of your body. I’m not promising perfection but I know you could feel a whole lot better with some regular massage and attention. Even a monthly session can help. A bi-weekly session works even better.


I am a very experienced body-worker of several years.


I tend to combine my three practices to get optimum results.

I can offer Shiatsu, Deep tissue or Sports massage therapy.

I don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ model and so using my intuition, manual skills, expertise and a feedback system, I create a tailor-made treatment.


Giving massage is a joy and I approach my bodywork with heart and believe this is as important as the physical skills, for a truly transformative treatment.


Please check out may website (www.massageworksstroud.co.uk ) and look at the various treatments descriptions below to see which one sounds most like you.

I look forward to treating you!





  Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese massage with its roots in Chinese medicine. It incorporates massage techniques, acupuncture points, gentle stretches, meridians (lines connecting acupressure points) and palpation. If you like being fully clothed on a futon then this is the one for you.


Deep tissue


Can have a nice flowing feel however it does work deeply into the muscles,  releasing tension, which can cause skeletal or circulation problems if not addressed.


It also works through the superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue hence affects the deep fascia surrounding muscles and helps loosen adhesions.


It also helps realign the skeleton giving improved posture and comfort of movement. It will improve your range of movement (ROM).

This works really well for recent injuries and old aches and pains.


Sports Massage Therapy


This work builds on the strengths of the deep tissue work but is more concentrated, less flowing and can be less comfortable then two above(in places), as knots are worked on quite vigorously. Knots are points within a muscle where contracted fibres are unable to release as they stick to each other and become adhered.

Most people have these and they are irritating!


This work is more likely to address specific muscles or muscle groups, or ligaments and tendons. It is also used to treat strains or injuries and to maintain muscles in their optimal conditions.


I may use proactive or assisted stretches: STR (soft tissue release), NMT (neuromuscular technique) and PNF ( proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) within this session.