Systematic Kinesiology


What it is

Systematic Kinesiology is a clinically tested natural health modality used to identify imbalances within the body. It is a non invasive and sound methodology using muscle testing.

How it works

Muscle testing can access information from the body's bio-energy system and meridians. It is used to identify the priority area of the energy system to be helped and to evaluate the energy changes brought about by a variety of corrections, including bio-individual nutrition, firm reflex massage, energy techniques and emotional work if required.

The aim

iis not just relief of symptoms but optimal health and wellbeing.

Systematic Kinesiology is best known for identifying food and environmental sensitivities/allergies: it will also benefit digestive problems, emotional issues, the nervous system, sleep problems, the endocrine system, pain, nutritional imbalance, weight management and much more.


During an appointment testing is carried out by assessing a number of muscles' ability to hold against light pressure. Corrections are then made as required using bio-individual nutrition, emotional work including Bach Flower Remedies, firm reflex massage and energy techniques.


A Systematic Kinesiology appointment will result in an individual plan which can include nutritional supplements, emotional stress release techniques, various exercise routines, gentle structural realignment, light touch, firm reflex massage, suggested lifestyle changes and more.

Systematic Kinesiology

First 2 appointments approx 1 h 45 mins £85 each or £155 if paid in advance

Subsequent appointments approx 1 h 15 mins £65


Therapeutic/deep tissue 1 hour £45

Therapeutic/deep tissue 1.5 hours £60







Professional Profile


Jilly has trained at The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology which first pioneered Kinesiology in Britain and Europe in 1976.


She first became aware of Kinesiology several decades ago having suffered with food and environmental sensitivities causing swollen, itching and watering eyes; poor immunity and low energy. She wanted a natural solution and found a therapist in Stroud carrying out allergy testing using kinesiology. The approach of removing the allergens for a period of time coupled with nutrition to balance the digestion, along with dietary and lifestyle advice, returned her to health and happiness. This experience led her to train in Systematic Kinesiology as soon as the opportunity arose.


Jilly's aim is not just prevention of illness, but optimum health and wellbeing.



The Association of Systematic Kinesiology - ASK


Jilly also offers Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage


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