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Personal Profile 

My interest in Classical Chinese Medicine began in 1992. I had been engaged in meditation retreats on the Indian subcontinent when I took ill. At that time I was studying at a Tibetan monastery and was kindly treated and cured by a Monk who was well versed in traditional medicine.

His diagnostic skills and the whole framework of his enquiry piqued my interest. I hadn’t come across a medical approach like this before, not only did it work well, it seemed humane –it treated the person, it was non toxic, with no side effects. It was wholesome.


On return to the UK I spent the next ten years training and becoming qualified, with five years formal study. I chose those aspects of traditional medicine that carried the most appeal; Shiatsu, the Japanese version of traditional massage and acu-pressure, Qi Gong & Taiji, the classical exercise forms and Acupuncture.


I have a detailed knowledge of Chinese medicine and a broad experience,

over the years I have worked with NHS projects, through a Hospice, with mental health groups, as well as continuing a private practice.


I have taught more than a dozen classes of Qi Gong & Taiji a week since 2003 encompassing mindfulness and imaginative approaches to help harmonise body and mind in a graceful way.



So just what to expect from Acupuncture.


Firstly I am a member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture and I work with those professional guidelines and standards. This means you will be treated respectfully in a friendly and professional manner. All the consultations and treatments remain confidential.


For the initial consultation

we will have the opportunity to meet and discuss the reasons you are seeking a treatment.

I will take an account of your medical history and the presenting signs and symptoms, and we can discuss any other factors that you feel are pertinent. TCM embraces all the nuances of our lives. Your pulse will be felt and your tongue looked at as part of the diagnostic process.


The pattern that emerges from all this information is used to determine which acu-points we will use. ‘Needles’ are a misnomer, they are ¼ mm in diameter and little or no discomfort is felt. Once placed the needles are left for up to 20 minutes.

The initial consultation tends to be a little longer and normally lasts 45 minutes. I will outline the treatment process and the actions of the acu-points we will be stimulating.


In subsequent sessions we will review the effect of the last treatments and reassess your condition in order to take account of any changes and treat accordingly.

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