The following Hypnotherapists make up The Stroud Hypnotherapy Practice at The Cotswold Health Centre:

Alex Brounger               Michèle Lazarus

The Stroud Hypnotherapy Practice


The Cotswold Health Centre is the home of Stroud Hypnotherapy Practice.


Made up of three excellent Solution Focused Hypnotherapists the Stroud Hypnotherapy Practice prides itself on offering the very best levels of professionalism and standards in the industry. Each Therapist has achieved the HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma) which is widely regarded as the Gold Standard in Hypnotherapy. They also regularly attend CPD events to ensure their skills are up to date and relevant and are members of the appropriate professional bodies complying with their code of ethics.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a modern, evidence based approach to Hypnotherapy, which focuses on finding solutions rather than analysing problems. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy utilises the very best therapeutic tools from CBT, NLP and Solution Focused Brief Therapy all of which have a good body of evidence to support their effectiveness.


Hypnosis also plays an integral part of the process. An  entirely natural process, Hypnosis is a state of focused attention. In the hands of an appropriately trained and experienced therapist the process is a pleasant one and allows the subconscious to process information more efficiently.

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