Floatation Prices 

One off floatation £40 per hour

One off floatation for a couple £45 per hour


New clients only

Book 3 1 hour floatation sessions £75 (payment made with first float)

We recommend having at least three floats one week apart to fully experience the benefits of floatation therapy. 


For people who want to float on a regular basis why not become a float member

4 hours of floatation per month £95

2 hours of floatation per month £55

1 hour of floatation per month £35


Payment must be made by standing order each month



No need to bring anything - towels are provided. Please remove make up

Floatation therapy

Floatation therapy is a treatment using sensory deprivation within a floatation tank or float room. Years of well documented tests show that floatation tank therapy not only has an immediate effect on pain relief and elimination of stress, it also promotes ‘whole-brain’ thinking. Many athletes, writers and artists have experienced enormous benefits from floatation therapy utilising floatation tanks. 


Perfect Relaxation is achieved in the silent warmth of the tank. Ideal for easing aches and pains or to aid in recovery from more serious injury, eg frozen shoulder, stiff neck, rugby and football injuries.


The tank is filled with warm water containing a high concentration of Epsom Salts. This means that you float and are completely supported by the water allowing every part of the body to relax, blood pressure to lower and lymphatic flow to increase. Stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are reduced.


The tank is about the size of a double bed and has a high ceiling so you do not feel 'closed in'. There are underwater lights if you prefer not to float in complete darkness. The float room is completely private and towels are  provided.


Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy or Sensory Deprivation is the underlying principle of floatation. The tank restricts the effects of gravity, touch, temperature, sight and sound. Freed from all external stimuli on the nervous system and sense organs, the body and mind enter a perfectly balanced state.


Please take a look at the link below for more information on the benefits of floatation therapy.