Charlotte Ferrier 


I absolutely love inspiring others to love themselves more.


I bring energy, passion, creativity, light and love to my work and you will feel different from the experience. Let me take you on a journey of self discovery. Allow yourself this time to pour some love into you.


I use Rapid Transformational Therapy - RTT , Intuitive coaching and Kundalini yoga as my tools of choice in order to help facilitate positive change in my clients


I am lucky enough to have learnt from the world’s best at their game: Marisa Peer, Maya Fiennes. I’ve studied at the best coaching school in London, done a tremendous amount of continuous professional development so that I can bring the very best to you and this learning in ongoing.


You are living this life to make the most of it - to be the person you were born to be. Now is your time to engage in that fully.


Truth is my name  - Satnam

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