If your body’s vital energy is blocked it can cause a variety of symptoms that include pain, stiffness, anxiety, depression and generally poor health.

The buqi practitioner knows how to clear “binqi” (sick chi) and activate the production of vital chi, stimulating your natural self- healing process. Poor body posture is addressed by realignment correction, which in turn realigns your energy body and creates a better flow throughout.


TAIJIWUXIGONG is a system of qi gong developed also by the late Dr. Shen Hongxun . Poh-Eng has taught this system for over 20 years where the student learns how to open the 5 main energy channels. During this journey the dan tian awakens and spontaneous movement arises to assist expulsion of binqi. Book for individual 40 minute classes.


DEEP CALM Stress release is addressed through releasing pressure from your brain, caused for example by stuck mental or emotional patterns. Stiffness or tension from the neck, shoulders and joints of the body is alleviated through buqi tuina massage. Poh-Eng uses buqi techniques to guide out “binqi” from such areas. It is not necessary to touch the body.


BUQI Healing for HEALTH • More vital chi linked to improved body posture, • Pain relief • Staying grounded , calm, and happy • Clearer energy channels • Integration of body, mind and spirit


• Asthma in children and adults • Back pain / compression of spine and corrective exercises • Repetitive Strain Injury • Grief and loss • Release of trapped or disturbed energy • Prenatal support: buqi helps women in labour Poh-Eng is a Doula with Conscious Birthing