‘I went to Bonnie with a very specific issue I wanted to understand. This progressed quickly into recognition of a whole lot of stuff that I had the power to change. She helped me feel brave enough to make these changes before, during and after they were being made. [Bonnie was] honest, direct, forward looking.’ (C – therapy client)


‘When I first started seeing Bonnie it was with a very specific purpose in mind.

As a self-employed person I was feeling very stuck and isolated and in need of fresh input into my work in order to move forward. Through talking things through with her, being asked questions, being given both intuitive and pragmatic feedback as well as practical suggestions, I managed to move forward in leaps and bounds. Bonnie really seemed to “get” what I was after but also questioned some of my assumptions, which in turn enabled me to question them too. I feel I learnt a great deal and after just a few months am now in a very exciting place with a totally new sense of optimism and energy for my work. Thank you!’ (A – coaching/therapy blend client)



'At a time when I felt stuck about creating the services that I wanted to offer my ideal customers, Bonnie helped me gain clarity very quickly and just after a couple of sessions. She helped me move forward and define with greater focus my future vision for my business and it was thanks to her that I'm now looking forward to serving the people who need what I offer' (N – coaching/mentoring client)






Personal Profile

Psychotherapy – Coaching – Group Work

Personal Development – Psychotherapy/Counselling, Life Coaching


Professional Development – Coaching/Mentoring, Groups for Freelancers


When we make changes on the inside, we can discover new energy and inner resources that make life fuller and more satisfying. Through transforming ourselves, we can grow new ways of being in the world that we might never have imagined possible before. I know these things from my personal experience of working on myself, as well as from witnessing and supporting clients on their various journeys.


I am particularly interested in supporting people who are self-employed or freelance. As self-employed people we ARE our business, as we express our unique gifts through the work we do. I know how isolating it can be to run your own business, and also how much more fun and creative I can be when I can share my progress with projects and the overall professional journey with colleagues. Nourishing ourselves and our businesses is vital to creating the worklife we desire.


I love supporting clients to make changes, and I bring an open mind and heart to our work together. You might also be surprised at how much we laugh along the way as well! Clients have said:



 My websites are a work in progress as my ways of working evolve, but for now you can find out more about the various approaches I use and my training and background here:


Personal Development - Psychotherapy/Counselling Web boatherapy.weebly.com Email boatherapy@gmail.com


Professional Development - Coaching/Mentoring, Groups for Freelancers Web opentoquestion.com Email info@opentoquestion.com 

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