1 hour £50

90 minutes £65

(concessions for low income deduct £15)

Bliss shares her devotion to Goddess as discovered in the Temples and Ancient Pre-historic Sacred Sites of Malta and Gozo. 


This talk will include historical information on the ancient civilisations of Malta from the first settlers through to the Megalithic Temple Builders, the later Punic Temples of the Phoenicians which also grace the islands, and the many Catholic shrines to Mary and the Feminine Divine which rest upon earlier caves and sacred springs. There will be photos and anecdotes from  pilgrimages. Bliss has been lucky enough to make two trips to Malta over the past six months, and found great inspiration through the initial trip led by her teacher Katinka, who she has made pilgrimage to Temple sites around the world with over the past decade, and her fortuitous encounter with a cultural anthropologist at the University of Malta and lead of Temple Rescue Malta, who accompanied her on trips to some of the lesser known sacred sites. The talk will also include reference to the research and writings of Veronica Veen, author of the Maltese Goddess, The First Maltese, and Female Images of Malta

Feel free to contact Bliss with any questions about the talk on 07402 852136 or email blissbutterfly23@gmail.com

 A payment of £5 is requested from all participants attending this talk.

Personal Profile

Elizabeth Russell - Sound Healing, Hot Stone Massage, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Indian Head Massage Closing the Bones, Holistic Cancer Support, Baby Massage, Shamanic Journeywork

I have been a holistic therapist all my adult life, qualifying professionally in 2001. I have worked with clients at festivals and camps, managed health food shops and my own clinic, in addition to clinical work in hospitals and palliative care. I view my work as both a vocation and a personal journey for myself and others I meet on the way. I come from a place of gentle laughter, encouragement and authenticity. I find that healing happens when clients are allowed to be themselves in a relaxed environment. Although I do a full consultation at the initial therapy appointment, follow-up sessions tend to be focus on the therapy and being in the present moment.I am happy to provide treatments to naturists, please call to discuss. My teaching style is informal, relaxed and friendly. I believe we all have much wisdom to share, and learn as much through teaching as I hope my students gain by re-connecting with these ancient skills of self healing and discovering their own personal power.

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to train with many gifted teachers, including Darien Pritchard, founder of Dynamic Massage & Bodywork, Andy Fagg, Pat Turton and Peter Mackereth of Bristol Cancer Help Centre, Simon Heather of the College of Sound Healing, Denise Tiran of Expectancy caring for pregnant clients, Simon Gall, founder of the London School of Thai Massage, Huna & LomiLomi in Hawaii with Kahunas Harry Uhane & Sila Bray Jim, Marianne Hvass and Starhawk in various Shamanic techniques including journey-work, soul retrieval, also non-violent communication and social permaculture, and William Bloom author of the Endorphin Effect. I gained a 2:1 BSc(Hons) in Health Studies incorporating FdA complementary therapies, at the University of Bedfordshire, where my dissertation focused on the effectiveness of massage therapy during cancer treatment. Call or text to chat on 07402 852136. I am happy to meet with prospective clients.

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