Client Comments


“ I went to Annabel for help with the after-effects of a frozen shoulder. I regained full movement in my neck, arm and shoulder (“upper body“) and cannot recommend her work highly enough. Annabel brings a stillness to her touch which I find deeply nourishing and healing.” 

Karen Hedley


"Annabel's loving and sensitive touch and especially her hands free approach where she uses her whole body weight supported me to deeply connect to my body and return to feeling very grounded and safe. During the massage I gradually softened and relaxed into my being and was gently supported into divine bliss. I left feeling very nurtured and reconnected with my full energy. Thank you Annabel for this wonderful gift."

Judith Puckmayr. Spiritual Awakening Coach



" I thoroughly recommend a massage with Annabel for easing the knottiest of muscles. She uses both strong and gentle touch which induces a wonderful state of relaxation and sense of well being.” 

Val Bell 



"Thank you for a really lovely massage session - it was just what I needed. You worked really strongly into the places that needed it, and were very sensitive and gentle too. It was therapeutic and pleasurable - yippee! You enabled me to drop into a deep sense of being at my centre. Wonderful. "

Iona Fredenburgh,  Process Work Therapist and Trainer


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Personal Profile
Healing and creativity are the corner stones of my life. I have given several public talks about my healing journey including 'The Wisdom  and Creative Power of Dreams' and 'Living a Creative and Passionate Life' and have facilitated creativity and dream workshops at several venues including Hawkwood College. I’m  also one of the founding members of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network and honouring the spiritual dimension is an essential part of my work. 

I experience deep nourishment from nature and her changing seasons and have strong connection with horses. My background holds a diverse range of body and energy work and I regularly practise meditation, dance and yoga.

Professional Profile
I have been a qualified massage therapist for 8 years working from home and in clinics in Stroud and Bristol. Before this I worked as a nurse for 11 years in a variety of settings including a hospice.


I specialise in deep tissue massage and in 2013 I completed a one year training in 'No Hands' massage which beautifully compliments my hands on work. This exciting new approach uses the soft part of the forearm with falling body weight to create profound transformational release.


Receiving a massage will bring your body the rest and recuperation that it needs. It will reduce stress related symptoms and bring you greater health.

Loving touch will enhance your wellbeing and bring a deeper sense of aliveness and enjoyment of life. 

I have successfully worked with chronic conditions including headaches, migraines, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia and lower back pain. Massage is also highly beneficial for difficult emotional states such as anxiety and depression.



March 2003 - Dec 2005 The Maitri Foundation. Therapeutic Massage.

June/Oct/Dec 2013 No Hands Massage Practitioner

Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 


Sept 1990 - Jan 1994 North West London School of Nursing and Midwifery. 
Diploma in Higher Education in Nursing Studies ( General Nurse) 
Accelerated course for graduates.


Practising since 2006
Current memberships   
A member of the Association of Natural and Physical Therapists. (ANPT) 

Member of 'No Hands Massage Association' (NHMA)


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